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Boston® Materials, coupled with a wide range of lens designs, provide a solid foundation for specialty lens practices. Boston® continually champions the GP industry with its commitment to education, a wide range of GP materials, high Dk levels and collaboration with laboratories.

Maybe that's why Boston has led the way for decades, giving our authorized labs the materials and educational tools which help solve the vision needs of millions of patients.

If you're looking for eye health and exceptional vision, look no further.



Missed our webinars with Dr. Maria Walker or Dr. Susan Resnick, or want to revisit it? lt's available, anytime right here:

Selecting Gas Permeable Lens Materials: A Closer Look at Boston®.
Maria K. Walker, OD, MS,, FAAO, FSLS takes a detailed look at using today's gas permeable (GP) lens materials.
This educational webinar explores GP material selection and provides an in-depth review of Boston® materials including their indications, quality, and manufacturing process.

Gas Permeable Material Selection for Scleral Lens Design.
Susan Resnick, OD, FAAO, FSLS turned our attention to Gas Permeable Material Selection for Scleral Lens Design. Here, she takes a closer look at Boston XO® and Boston XO2® by highlighting her own case experience in her practice

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Coming up in November 2021, the next episode will focus on Gas Permeable Material Selection for Overnight Orthokeratology. For more information on Boston® Materials Webinar Series, to register for an upcoming program, or to receive access to the webinar please email us under:

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Boston® Materials voted Favorite Gas Permeable Material Brand in the EyeVote Reader’s Choice Award in 2019 + 2020